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Classic Margarita Cocktail Kit to Infuse Tequila

Classic Margarita Cocktail Kit to Infuse Tequila

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Classic Margarita Cocktail Kit to Infuse Tequila by InBooze.

Looking for a new kind of cocktail? Each handmade InBooze packet contains one pouch filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs to infuse your alcohol. The kit infuses enough for 8-10 cocktails...there is a flavor for everyone!

Love margaritas, but not all of the sugar? Same here InBooze™ Margaritas are all completely sugar-free...nothing sneaky or hidden here!

By infusing your tequila with the dehydrated fruits, you have a great, smooth flavor for your margarita. Place the infusion bag in a container, try a mason jar, and fill with your favorite tequila. Cover and allow to infuse for at least 3 days.

Remove the infusion pouch and it's margarita time! After infusing, pair your tequila with a lemon-lime soft drink, flavored sparkling water, or even Fresca. Garnish with a sugar/salt rim and fresh lime.